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Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior was the American version of the Dragon Quest series, the most popular RPG video game series from Japan, originally released in the USA in 1989, and the original was given away free with Nintendo Power magazine. It is greatly inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, but it has a wonderful cute manga style and Japanese spin.

I am James Gray. Back in 2000 I made Dragon Warrior animated gifs for a website. I then made the website and started making comics for it in 2001.

Someone bought and the old website is no longer functional, but I will upload a lot of the content here when I have time.

My Video Game

I made my own old school turn-based JRPG-style video game over the last year (starting July 2021), the Lady of the Lake RPG. The estimated release date is October 13, 2022. All my video games will be at

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